Job Description

Due to our continuing success, we are looking for a Freelance Instructional Designer that can support our internal teams on as needs basis/project to project. The ideal candidate must have experience in eLearning and Blended Learning.
Is this you:
  • Are you able to create engaging scripts for e-learning and ILT courses?
  • Can you take a client-provided source and bring true storytelling to the learner experience?
  • Do you know the difference between information and instruction?
  • Do you know how to write a good practice activity?
  • Can you bring real value to the scripting process, taking ownership of the curriculum design?
The Role:
  • Create engaging scripts for e-learning and classroom learning, using materials provided by Learning Managers and clients.
  • Manage edits to scripts and courseware. Scripts, course materials, and courses will undergo and track internal and external review process.
  • Recommend appropriate instructional method(s) based on content analysis and proposal.
  • Create supplemental materials, like scripts (for audio, video, animations) and asset lists.
  • Support Learning Managers, as needed, on the design and development of projects. This may include brainstorming, attending meetings, analyzing source materials, developing outlines, sourcing images, etc.
  • Create training materials that meet instructional design principles and customer requirements.
  • Develop project material on time and to the highest quality.
Required skills set:
  • Demonstrate a passion for learning.
  • Engage the audience on an emotional level.
  • Absorb mass amounts of content in a short period of time and filter out only what’s relevant.
  • Weave newly absorbed information into a story that learners will find meaningful.
  • Visualize oneself as the learner.
  • Write effective copy, instructional text, audio scripts, and video scripts.
  • Brainstorm with Senior Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts, if necessary.
  • Make independent and sound instructional design decisions during scripting.
  • Visualize the finished course and how graphic instructions will be interpreted.
  • Balance creativity with practicality, time, templates, language barriers.
  • Show willingness to ask the right questions.
Applicants must provide CV and sample work if available.
About Interactive Services

Interactive Services is an award-winning developer of corporate eLearning solutions including custom eLearning, mobile learning, classroom training, and blended learning solutions. We specialize in developing custom learning for global clients that understand that the “one size fits all” learning philosophy is not the panacea some providers claim it to be. In today’s competitive world of business, organizations require increasingly customized learning solutions based on factors such as their size, culture, products/services, and the specific needs of their employees.