How It Works

Nothing complicated to see here…

Libre makes it super-simple to outsource and freelance, on your terms.

Hire Directly

Skip the recurring platform fees, agency markups and intermediary red tape by hiring directly.

Browse, bookmark and make notes on freelancer resumes.
Contact freelancers in a couple of clicks.

Save time and post your freelance job on Libre for a small one-time fee.

Ready to hire on-demand specialist talent from around the world?

Post a Job

Freelance Freely

Freelancing on Libre is 100% FREE. No listing fees. No credits system. Zero commission.

Post your resume to be visible to clients searching for freelancers with your skill set. Link to your social media accounts, online portfolios, website, rate card and client reviews.

Browse and apply to unlimited freelance jobs posted by Libre clients and curated by our job search team.

Set up custom job alert emails so you never miss a job opportunity.

Ready to get seen by prospective clients from around the world?

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Work Your Way

Clients and freelancers are free to communicate, negotiate terms and work together on Libre, as they wish.

We never hold you up with account freezes, lengthy processing, or bans on sharing contact info and using third-party productivity tools.

Libre is outsourcing and freelancing, as it should be.

Get liberated!