Freelancing Success: How to Stand Out and Get Hired Again and Again



Specialise in Your Passion

What drives you? What do you love to do? Freelancing requires self-governed discipline and focus, day in, day out. To stay motivated and at the top of your game, it’s essential your passion is engaged and firing on all cylinders.

Some people eat, breathe and sleep SEO. Others spend hours online pouring over typography and colour palettes. Identify your passion then do everything you can to be the very best in your field.

Research market trends and stay up to date with current best practices within your industry. Subscribe to blogs and newsletters of thought leaders in your field. Constantly expand and refine your knowledge and skill set.



Assess Job Fit

Only apply to jobs matched to your experience level and skill set.

You don’t want to scrape by with subpar/good-enough work. You want to knock it out of the park!

Compatible job fit delivers a win-win for both you and your clients. You delight them. They rehire you. It’s the perfect start to a long-term mutually beneficial professional relationship.



Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

Proofread everything and anything you use to communicate with clients, whether promotionally or directly.

Your resume. Online professional profiles. Online portfolios. A website, if you have one.

Check emails before hitting send. DMs, too.

You want to present a professional, detail-oriented image that inspires trust and respect.

Implementing this tip alone will immediately make you a standout candidate.



Take Care of Your Clients

Keep in mind your client is trusting in your expertise and knowledge of current best practices to deliver the best solution for their business. They’re not the expert here – they may struggle with communicating their vision or knowing what to specifically ask for.

Take care of your client’s interests. Guide and educate them on the best approach and solution. Consider creating a white paper which provides an overview, FAQs and tips relevant to your industry. Accompany this with a questionnaire for the client to communicate their requirements in an easily transferable way.

The ROI on this is all returns. The client will love you for making their life easier. And, you’ll love yourself for creating a turnkey handover process which gives you back precious billable hours.



Think Big-Picture

Go beyond a task-at-hand mindset. Ask clients how your task/project fits into their overall business strategy/big-picture vision?

Context is everything and can be the defining factor between an “okay” end result and “Wow! This is exactly what I wanted!”

Guess which outcome leads to continued work and glowing testimonials?

Even better, when your solution provides the client with coverage on blind spots they weren’t aware of. What does this mean, exactly? It’s when a client’s request isn’t in their best interests. Step in and set them on the right path before they commit time and money to the wrong solution – you’ll have a customer for life.



Honour Your Commitments

Meet deadlines. No matter what.

Missed deadlines not only damage your credibility but can cost your clients their own reputation and affect their cash flow.

Only commit to a workload you can realistically manage. Clarify required turnaround times before taking on any project.

However, life happens to us all. Should something unexpected and non-negotiable come up which prevents you from meeting a commitment made to a client, be proactive in covering it for them.

Many freelancers choose to partner up on the basis of mutual backup contingency. Not only for emergency situations but planned vacation time, too.

If you decide to go this route, choose this partner very carefully. They need to be someone whom you trust implicitly. And, someone who will deliver the quality of work your clients have come to expect from you.



Be Available

Reply promptly to emails/DMs from clients.

Being accessible and responsive is one of your biggest advantages over traditional business-hours-only/only-your-account-manager-can-help-you agencies.

Use this as leverage to retain and grow your client list.


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